Watch Shakespeare while you read

Shakespeare wasn't meant to be read, which is why reading his work can be so difficult and intimidating. His words were meant to be brought to life in performance. That's why our app provides a video of every scene, with simple staging to help keep the focus on the words and the story. 

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Beautiful Layouts

Every play in our app is divided by scene, and every scene has a multitude of ways to interact. 

At the top of the screen is the HD video, in which every line of the scene is performed. Below the video is the text of the scene itself, which is accompanied by in-line annotations that bring greater meaning, context and points-of-interest to several areas of each scene. 

Separating the text and the video is a bar that includes an audio introduction to the scene, a brief description of the plot and action of the scene as well as a list of all of the characters in that scene and who they are. 

Don't Know What A Word Means? We Do.

Language will evolve over hundreds of years, which is why Shakespeare's texts can be so difficult to follow for a modern reader to follow. Each of our Editions includes a custom glossary which contain definitions for hundreds of obscure words or phrases that will help the reader along in their understanding of the text.

When reading in our app, any words that appears in bold can be pressed to bring up our definition of that word or phrase. In addition, the user can access a complete list of words that appear in the glossary for a particular play in one list from the play's menu.

My students love and appreciate having access to Shakespeare at Play! It is such a helpful resource...Being able to read and watch each scene is critical in helping them understand content.
— Kathleen C., English Teacher, Medway High School

Perfect For The Classroom

Our app is perfect for students learning Shakespeare for the first time, and that's why Shakespeare at Play is being used in schools around the world. We strive to take the intimidation out of learning Shakespeare by presenting several different methods of presenting his works -- from the text to our videos to a suite of annotations that bring clarity to his words and actions.

We have designed an app that encourages students to engage with the elements that they need in order to understand Shakespeare's challenging works. Our app empowers students to tackle Shakespeare on their own terms, and that allows class time to be spent discussing character, theme and motivations rather than the meaning of this word or who that character is. 

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